Our Process

What We Test

Edge Analytical provides a full range of organic, inorganic, and biological analyses of the following:

Our Analyses

The tests listed on this site represent the most common tests that we perform. This is not an exhaustive list. We recognize that you may need additional analyses that we do perform. Please do not hesitate to call with your request.

Our Reports

Our reports are among the easiest to read in the industry. Reports are printed on a high quality, color, laser printer. we will soon have on-line data capabilities.

Our Turnaround Time

We offer a standard 10 business day turnaround on all individual samples that do not require waiting time as part of the testing procedure. Faster turnarounds are available at additional cost. Standard turnaround time for the IBWA “Appendix A” testing is 30 days, however a 20 day turnaround is available with an additional charge and 3 days advanced notice.


For a laboratory’s results to be meaningful it must adhere to strict QA/QC protocol. Edge Analytical prides itself in its QA/QC procedures: Sample handling is controlled through limited access. We adhere to all holding time and other time sensitive requirements. Strict control is maintained over sample bottle preparation. All analytical methods are strictly followed. In house chain-of-custody maintained upon request. All instrumentation is routinely calibrated and maintained. The laboratory sections are environmentally controlled with state of the art heating and ventilation to ensure sample integrity through consistent ambient conditions. To insure correctness and consistency, a senior chemist monitors all analytical data. All stages of the analytical process are tracked on the company’s proprietary LIM system.

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