Edge has built a webpage called EdgePage. You, your employees, customers, and officials can simply click the link on your website and be taken to your test results or certificates.

Award Winning

Edgepage was recognized by the IBWA and awarded the “Product Innovation Award” for it’s help in allowing small and medium sized bottlers with the transparency of their test results.

EdgePage Buttons

You place one button on your website that will be used to link to your EdgePage.

Large Button

Thin Button

Simple Setup

Step 1

We will send you one of the two links (shown above) via email and you or your webmaster can place it where you like on your website. The button will need to be linked to your EdgePage which we will provide the web address for.
Example Image01
That is all you have to do, the rest is up to us.

The Rest

Once the link is setup you can click it to take you to your EdgePage which will look like the example bellow. Any company contact information you want will be put on the EdgePage as well as any PDFs you want. We will keep your results updated and notify you when any changes are made.