Coronavirus Plan of Action

Edge Analytical Coronavirus Plan of Action

As Coronavirus concerns increase, we at Edge Analytical Laboratories have put together a plan of action in the event of employee illness and/or need for quarantine.

Providing water analysis services to our clients is of the upmost importance to us. We recognize that despite illness concerns it is vital that our lab remains open and functioning in order to ensure clean and safe water for everyone. In an effort to reduce exposure we are asking our employees to minimize social interactions, avoid large gatherings, and practice strict hygiene protocols.

Should an employee become infected with the Coronavirus and the need for quarantine arise, the lab will remain open for all regulated and compliance samples. Employees will rotate schedules which will allow for sample processing and analysis, while avoiding contact with each other. A sample drop box will be placed outside the laboratory for client drop off as needed.

Clear communication will be vital in the weeks ahead as cities and other municipalities respond to the spread of Coronavirus. As of right now, regular sample pick up schedules will remain in place for our Washington and Oregon clients. Should you need a change in your usual pick up schedules, please let us know immediately so we can plan accordingly.

We are evaluating things as they arise, and will keep you updated going forward.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

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PH: 360-757-1400